what I do


Identity is key. The way you present yourself is the way you're percieved. It's the established connection between you and your customers.

Gladly there are a lot of tools to shape your identity and my proffession allows me to carefully craft this message with you. With the right branding, design, development and marketing we'll make sure we establish the golden wire between you and your clients. When your own communication allows your audience to be at the same wavelenght, you're in possesion of an admirable brand, which is our common goal.

Where do we start?

Ways to
define the

What are the values your company goes by. What are the standards, what fits us and what doesn't. Why should a customer care about our trade and why are we different from our competitors?

It's all about what and why when defining your identity. As difficult as it may sound, it's actually not that hard. A question for example; what is the history of the company? What have we done in the past and what is something we will never do. Where have we been based through the years and what is our social heritage of that place we've been operating in. The answers to those questions are just the beginning of the list of answers which define your identity. These will be the pillars of what we're going to build.

What happens next?

Design values into visuals

Now that we've put together your business' profile, it's time create the corporate identity.

This is my main expertise. Through years of studying and practising design I've grown a good understanding of visual esthetics. This knowledge made me able to construct the right visual image to establish your corporate identity which represents your values.

But what about output?

From input
to output

Is time to roll up the sleeves and get to work. Development is the most labor intense phase.

The design has set the guidelines among which we will produce the products. Either a billboard, a responsive website, a jar of marmelade or all of them. They are all extracts of the same source, which is your brand.

What about sales?

3 . . 2 . . 1 . . Showtime!

Tada! It's time to present the company and it's efforts to the public. A highly anticipated moment in the new era of your presence on the market.

The products and/or services are lined up for all your returning and new customers to come and get. Ensured they'll find your business when they search the web and through the right advertising we'll be certain they've already heard of your company.

Slowly building a strong brand that shows you're passionate about your trade.

What are the requirements?

what you do


Manage Business

You're a manager for your business or have a serious business plan and need a helping hand to guide your through (re)shaping your Identity. You're working around the clock or are about to and you have no spare time to get a propper focus on your company's profile.

Well if that's the case you're at the right adress. Through a wide range of skills I can provide the right solutions to your company's needs. Whether a small quality injection or a full scale rebrand. We can discuss ideas and we'll turn them into reality.

Alright let's begin!

strike the iron while it's hot


There is no haste while working together, but wasting time by not getting in conctact is just a shame.

In our first conversation I'll tell you what I do in addition to what you already know and we'll schedule a meeting. During that meeting I'll run you through the process and advise you on what to do or what not to do. I prefer meeting in person but if time or location becomes an obstacle we'll figure out another solution.