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On the right
trail designing the complete
Survival guide

Working togheter to bring outdoor
knowledge in a comprehensive but handy guide. Made to fit in your backpack on your adventures in the wilderness.

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Making history
with a colorful
Card game

A game designed for high school students to aid them in remembering specific traits of era’s within human history.

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right around
the corner

An opportunity to invite local visitors to go and see the garden full of plantlife & insects. With Heimanshof we designed a little brochure with all it has to offer.

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Setting up

Teaming up with Dorivit
to enable their online sales through WooCommerce.

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Decorate Instabike
with it’s wheels and wings

Primarily aimed at students, the bikelease-service by A-Bike needed a face and place.
Key feature of the project being the simplicity of acquiring an Instabike.

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The rug that ties the room together

Composing a cohesive voice for the all-in-one-tool created and published by Softmint. An elaborate marketing package along with supporting media.

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a platform
social return

A place where 3 pillars of social return are served by offering opportunities within the construction business.

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a different type
of branding

The newest company on the block emerging from one of the biggest construction companies in the Netherlands. Now with a new branding ready to present themselves and take on projects of their own.

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you got the drink
but not the brand

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you got the manuscript
but it’s a word document

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you got the shop
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you’re hosting an event
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