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social return

A place where 3 pillars of social return are served by offering opportunities within the construction business.

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The three-body problem

How to
design sitewide

Serving three types of visitors at once requires a design that feels welcome to all. We put the people-aspect central as it is central to social return.

Social return

(Large) construction projects within the Netherlands require a percentage to be spend on Social return. Geja facilitates the complete aspect social return by employing people who deserve a chance on the jobmarket which they otherwise might struggle with through normal application.

Bring your camera to work-day

We had a lot of fun interviewing and photographing the people at work. Different kinds of stories and personalities which gave the sense of depth to the project we were looking for.

Say cheese!

To achieve the people-aspect we took a lot(!) of pictures. We made a selection and made the geja logo consisting the employees to signify that Geja is these people and consequently they are Geja.

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