Client: Heimanshof Commission: Folder ConceptDesignPrint

A brochure and calendar compressed in one visually inviting product was made for the Heimanshof, an organization who not only preserves but makes green- and wildlife thrive within the city.


Following the tradition of an annual publication we started working on the folder which was going to be an crossover of a brochure and an informative folder.


We started of with “discover and experience” and we started brainstorming on what that would mean for the production of the folder.


The visual design naturally flowed out of the concept. After that the design form was crafted with the concept in mind and modeling it towards functionality.


Having the design, both function and visual, come to life in print and distributed in huge numbers was quite the rewarding experience.


The folder was made to look like a small book in it’s original form. When opened, the book could be folded outwards into one long piece which featured the activity calendar of the Heimanshof. It was designed like this to make the folder functional even after the first read. You could hang it on the wall for example.


The folder was going to be a guide designed as if an adventurer dropped his or her journal for the viewer to pick up and take lessons from the notes made inside it. With this we were hoping people would embrace the “discover and experience” concept as we did and have people take the folder with them when visiting the garden.


From badges to small pieces of paper or cutout photo’s it was a joy to design this adventurers journal. Especially because it can be richly designed and be made to appeal to the imagination of anybody with an explorative mind.

Project Completion

Even though the concept was fairly new to the Heimanshof they eventually went with the daring concept of our adventurers journal idea. It paid off. Sometimes it’s a risk to go for a design that relies on such a heavy concept but then again, this project was full of discovery and experiences. Full circle.

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