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Primarily aimed at students, this bikelease-service by A-Bike needed a face and place. Key feature of the project being the simplicity of acquiring an Instabike.


For the branding of Instabike we wanted to put down a clear image while also showing movement. Besides that it needed to look fresh and appealing to uni students. With that input we started working the brand.


Having the opportunity to brand a product like Instabike was great. Thinking about how we would use our design in a way that it would get recognized on the streets of Amsterdam.


Instead of managing the orders outside of the website, we worked on a system that could be integrated in the backend of the website. This system has enabled Instabike to handle everything in the same online environment.


Even though it was a small storefront with 2 products we streamlined the proces of leasing a bike with a subscription model. 3 simple steps; 1. Choose bike 2. Purchase lease 3. Ride your bike.


The logo being the pinnacle of the branding, we put a lot of time in developing a fitting image for Instabike. Clear and distinctive colors to display simplicity and transparency. In the shapes of it we went looking for speed and movement. Adopting the wings of the roman god Mercury (in greek Hermes) paired with a cursive Helvetica.

The Instabike

For the stickers to fit the frame of the bike, being matte black, we inverted the colors of Instabike except the Instabike-red of the wings. To make the product stand out more in the busy city, but not overdoing it, we added the touch of coloring the racks in the Instabike-red. The photoshoot of the first Instabike was a great moment of design coming together.

The Shop

The online store had to be as simple as possible. The procedure of purchasing the lease had to be as simple as three clicks. Beside this there are pages explaining the details of the bikes with nice visuals. Also an explanation of how Instabike works, frequently asked questions and a little history about the people behind the company.

Project Completion

On top of visualizing the complete product the biggest challenge was the backend of Instabike webshop. Pairing the subscription model with a payment system with recurring payments was quite an operation, but everything is working like a charm now and Instabike is thriving on the fresh market of bike-leasing.

Check out their website over at

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