Decorate Instabike
with it’s wheels and wings

Primarily aimed at students, the bikelease-service by A-Bike needed a face and place.
Key feature of the project being the simplicity of acquiring an Instabike.

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Get it?

An Instabike
with 3 clicks

Being a quick, no hassle business we coded a workaround for WooCommerce to remove the ‘shopping’ part and make the sale possible within 3 clicks.
1. Choose your bike
2. Confirm your details
3. Pay


Instabikes first model features a red rack on the front which students can place their bags on. This also helps students finding their Instabike among all the others in Amsterdam.


To get across all the details we shot and editted a series of photo’s to show the people what they are leasing.


Branding went through multiple stages in order to get it right. The slight tilt of the type to underline the dynamic image started by the (red) wings of Mercury/Hermes. (God of travellers) Completing the logo with the bicycle fronthandle formed by the b.

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