Making history
with a colorful
Card game

A game designed for high school students to aid them in remembering specific traits of era’s within human history.

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Decked out

50 cards with
unique designs

Every era had it’s own champion. Some unknown and some referenced well known figures. Each era also had it’s own distinguisable color to keep the sets clear.

Let’s play

Based on quartets the game is about collecting all cards of an era and score points on completion. The defining feature of this game is that the player has to name the era specific trait from memory in order to reccieve the card from the other player.


The game itself was already in exsitance but designed as a prototype. Now it has clear fll color imagery and supporting visual elements.

Deep dive into history

Designing all 10 champions aswell as 30 icons and 20 monuments was a lot fun. Especially when it all comes togheter in its final form; the cards.

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