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A fun history based cardgame made for the Vathorst College to assist their students in remembering important historical events in preparation for their history tests.


Derived from the popular game “Quartet” this game was developed where the players have to remember historical events in order to obtain cards to complete a collection.

Game Design

Designing the game was pretty straightforward with familiar elements and a variety of colors. The trickiest part was to fit all the necessary info on a playing card without cluttering.


In order to keep the design clean and let the artwork support the content a minimal design was chosen for all visual elements.


For practical use within the school we chose the physical form and got it produced in neat little boxes to (re)store the cards and keep them in good condition.


So basically the complete (human)history had to be packed into 10 cards. As this was designed for the course of the regular 10 timeframes, in which history in the Netherlands is taught, the objective was to define 1 figure, 3 inventions, 2 big icons(such as world wonders) and 1 small icon per timeframe.


The style was made to be as minimal as possible to support the text rather than overtaking the attention. Besides that; it was made for scalability of the complete project. The designs can be stretched to any size without losing quality which makes it perfect for print and animation.


The final stage of the project bringing the designs into reality and ready for the students to help them study their timeframes. It’s been an honor to design the visual perception of history and be part of the ever growing visual library of these students.

Project Completion

The project was received as a succes by the client as well as the students, who wanted to take a deck with them to play at home. There are plans to expand the product and hopefully it will so more students can enjoy and learn from it.

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