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Client: Rijschool Zaanstad Commission: Webdesign CMSDesignSocial

For new prospect clients aswel as current students, the new website of Rijschool Zaanstad provides an overview of their services but also offers assistance to students currently learning to drive.


The website would function as an information portal to new students aswel as advanced students helping them get what they are searching for all in one place.


For the back-end management of the site we set up a CMS that would allow Rijschool Zaanstad to add and remove their own texts and images.


The driving school is famous for their 2 red bands crossing their roofboard. We integrated this into the website going across and folding back and so on.


As a hall of fame we integrated Instagram into the website. This would not only give pride to the ones featured but also entice new students known to those who succeeded.


Combining function and design we made an unmistakable Rijschool Zaanstad website. Incorporating their historical folded red band which resulted in strong contrasting visuals to work with. Also a lot of (white) space was used to give the content the peace it needed on these backgrounds. Together this resulted in a vivid but calm experience. Just like learning to drive.


To inform the visitor as much as we could we used visuals to show them what they could expect. For example the cars Rijschool Zaanstad uses were photoshopped the exactly way they look. The information blocks are filled with photo’s of youngsters to familiarize the audience with the brand and their products.


By designing the services offered by Rijschool Zaanstad into packages, the products are perceived differently by the audience. It seems more likely to buy a tangible looking product like the packages we designed. To give the products contrasting colors to have them stand out on the website we picked local colors made by the mills of Zaanstad. On the side we see the gears representing the level of the package.

Project Completion

The result is a website filled with visual attractive images leading to the information the students need. Be sure to check out the page in it’s current state at

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