Hi SkyReach!
Let’s go and
chase that

I saw your jobpost on artstation and thought lets go. My expertise is in branding after all and I’m transitioning from corporate into the entertainment/gaming industry.



A selection
of logos

A mix of logo’s I made for clients in different branches. Switching style according to the clients wishes. Collected for you as this is most relevant to the job description.


Some of these logo’s and illustrations are work in progress or alternative designs. Please refrain from publicly sharing these besides internally in form of collegues or workrelations.


I’ve been gravitating towards (digital)illustration for a while taking on more and more jobs within the industry and working together with new clients. With my current clients I try to express my wishes to incorporate illustration in their work.

Mightier than

the sword, the pencil is the tool to bring my creativity to the world. The creative space I want to thrive in and keep developing. Currently I’m looking for partners like your company and wish to band together and create awesomeness. Below you’ll see more work in addition to the logo’s.

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