On the right
trail designing the complete
Survival guide

Working togheter to bring outdoor
knowledge in a comprehensive but handy guide. Made to fit in your backpack on your adventures in the wilderness.

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Size matters


Packed with knowledge about primarily cold biomes’ vegetation, inhabitants & survival tips. This is all supported by the design we made to match the theme.


The initial design for the cover was based on a plate of ice with cold dark water beneath it. We see the white track of the wolf which represents the guide whose tracks we can follow. Red is the accentuated and personal color of the author which ties the colorscheme togheter.


Besides working toghether with Raoul on his very own book, the overal project was a great succes. Over 3000 copies were printed and well received. Magnificent source material by Raoul and such a great subject to work on.

27 unique chapters

To ensure quick acces to the right information we decided to assign a color to each chapter. Each chapter starts off with a clear title on a specific colored background whose color is than repeated in the titles throughout that chapter.

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