Bishop’s method

Client: ViaMC Commission: Branding Start upStationairyPrint

The newest company on the block emerging from one of the biggest construction companies in the Netherlands. Now with a new branding ready to present themselves and take on projects of their own.


Together with ViaMC we started working on their new found company brand. Which direction we should take and how that would translate visually.


Helping ViaMC with their first steps in setting up the company and give them the professional edge over their competitors out of the gate was a thankful job.



Along with the brand the stationaries were designed to give ViaMC the full arsenal to venture in the market. Their skill is now presented by a fitting visual presence.


Starting off with a good amount of business cards with a nice finish was a perfect method of informing their prospects of the new company called ViaMC.


For the logo we tried a lot of different forms and played with negative shapes based of construction and calculating models such as the bishops method. Over several meetings we decided what ideas we would move forward on. For example we started with the colors of a typical structure blue (water) red (stone) and yellow (sand) but the key trick was a more feminine touch completing the unique design.


Following the construction theme a triangular pattern was made which could be stacked seamlessly. With the colors and their esthetic representations, a sideview of a damconstruction was made with the white “folding” around the card.


For the stationary a fairly straightforward approach as they would correspond with the written reports which are quite comprehensive. Cluttering them with design elements would take it’s toll on the actual information so a more subtle approach was made together with a black and white version for economic printing and copying.

Project Completion

Along with the mentioned products a report template(left) was made where the picture behind the triangular pattern could be easily replaced by ViaMc and an invoice (right) with the branding, showing a consistency across all the products.

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